Enter the Amazing World of Illusions


A fascinating new world has opened its doors in Ljubljana’s Congress Square in the beginning of September 2016, as Slovenian capital gets its first ever Museum of Illusions, where nothing is what it seems. Showcasing almost 40 optical illusions and holograms, the museum teases the brains of visitors and challenges their way of perception.

The museum is full of special rooms including the Infinity Disco Room and a Vortex Tunnel. Some classical illusions, like the ones found in psychology textbooks, are also showcased, along with holograms, or “horrorgrams” as they are called, giving the illusion of a real-life werewolf and Count Dracula rising from his coffin.

“The museum is meant to be fun, educational and, most of all, different from other museums where we can observe exhibitions only from afar or in a group,” said Urška Humar from the Museum of Illusions.

The museum also features a Smart Playroom, filled with brainteasing games and puzzles, which can also be bought at the museum’s Smart Shop. It is located at Kongres square and is open to visitors every day between 9 AM and 10 PM.  Looking for something special and unexpected for your next event? The Museum of Illusions is definitely a great choice for a memorable incentive experience and represents unique special venue for various events.

Photo: Žiga Živulovič jr./BoBo