Environmental Experts Met in Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana

Austria Trend Ljubljana
Austria Trend Ljubljana

The eNVPlus conference was held from 15 until 17 September, 2015 in Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana.

Geological Survey of Slovenia organized eNVPlus international conference. The eENVplus project is founded by European Commission and aims to unlock huge amounts of environmental data, managed by the involved national and regional environment agencies and other public and private environmental stakeholders, through the integration and harmonization of existing services. The project integrates existing infrastructures into an operational framework able to overcome cross-border and language barriers.

Delegates and speakers were from different bodies such as administrations and public bodies/agencies at different levels, providers of environmental services, providers of IT services, research groups needing access to environmental information and Non-Governmental Organizations.

At the end of the project, Mrs. Nina Prkic from Geological Survey of Slovenia, said after the 3rd project this year that was organized in Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana: “We like your hotel because of modern design, perfect location and highly professional staff that is always available. The delegates really appreciate all support from hotel team.”

More about Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana: http://www.austria-trend.at/en/intro.asp