The European Congress of Pediatric Nephrology will Take Place in Ljubljana in 2020

The European pediatric nephrologists are united in the European Association for Pediatric Nephrology (ESPN), which organizes a European congress each year and is also the most important and most prestigious event of pediatric nephrology. At this year’s 50th ESPN Congress in Glasgow, our Clinical Department of Nephrology, in cooperation with CD Congress Centre, competed for the organization of the ESPN Congress in 2020. We are extremely proud and honoured to win against rivalling destinations such as Dublin and Moscow, and therefore be proud hosts of ESPN 2020 Ljubljana.

Dušica Todorović, MA, Senior Business Development Manager at CD Congress Centre Ljubljana: “The PCO presence at the presentation of candidacies is necessary, sometimes even crucial. This is an integral part of a company’s process of winning international events.”

It is an annual meeting of European nephrologists pediatricians, annually welcoming colleagues from all over the world. The congress aims to present new findings, and serve as a platform for the exchange of clinical experience as well as planning and report on research work, all which is indispensable for the progress and excellence in the treatment of children with urinary tract disorders.

Assoc. Prof. Tanja Kersnik Levart, MD, PhD, the Head of the Clinical Department of Nephrology, Pediatric Clinic in Ljubljana on why choosing CD Congress Centre Ljubljana as the ESPN 2020 location: “We chose it because it is simply the best in all aspects of this kind of event in Slovenia – it is located in the very centre of Ljubljana but easily accessible nevertheless, it has a professional PCO team with many years of national and international experience in organizing congresses and professional meetings, versatile, multifunctional and superbly equipped congressional facilities with different capacities, extensive exhibition spaces, registration areas, e-posters and, last but not least, beautiful reception and social venues.” she added: “We believe that the ESPN 2020 in Ljubljana will be of utmost importance for the recognition of Slovenia, Ljubljana and our Clinical Department of Nephrology. It will significantly contribute to the progress of the profession in Slovenia and Europe, and, last but not least, we hope that the attendees will treasure warm memories of this pleasant and unforgettable event.”

We agree that the ESPN Congress will increase the recognition of Slovenia in various positive aspects.