Event StoryBoard Canvas Workshop with Martijn Timmermans

KONGRES, New Europe’s Meetings Industry Magazine, prepared a unique workshop with plenty of practical work for participants, who are eager for new and useful knowledge.

The workshop was held in Bled’s largest hotel, Park Hotel, which has a delightful support from the creative atmosphere of Lake Bled, which makes this place an ideal location to carry out creative meetings. A diverse range of participants, with different levels of knowledge and backgrounds, attended the workshop led by Martijn Timmermans. Through a theoretical segment of the workshop, participants gained knowledge on how to design the event in the most innovative, fast and visually attractive way of communication. The peculiarity of the workshop led by the Dutch expert is definitely the interaction with participants. Through their goals and aspirations, each meeting is adapted to the individual, so that he can acquire more knowledge and use it in his daily challenges at work.

The interactive workshop used the help of “Canvas” tools, through which the participants prepared a strategic plan, based on an existing project. Participants jointly discussed the challenges, opportunities, expectations and fears that stand against the event organizer and tried to find solutions on how to approach them. Drawing was part of the practical part of the workshop, since we are more likely to notice any shortcomings and give free rein to the brain for further creative thinking through visualization.

Participants agreed that this style of workshops is important for stimulating the brain cells and for thinking “out of the box”. Based on acquired skills, the individual is able to address the difficulties with fast recondition of the problem and finding the solution in a definitely more rapid and innovative way. Through the workshop with Martijn Timmermans, we realized that the established modes of meetings are no longer effective since they are extremely time-consuming and do not bring the desired results.

The workshop was prepared in Conventa Crossover conference style, taking place in a relaxed and interactive atmosphere, where the participants are involved in the interaction with the speaker. Creative meeting places, a relaxed atmosphere and lectures, where an individual is able to gain useful knowledge are nowadays still the exception rather than the rule. However, we do believe that such workshops help us think outside the box and that Slovenia will eventually be bursting with meetings, where useful knowledge is shared and business acquaintances with a personal touch are being made.

About Martijn

Martijn Timmermans is the co-founder and creative director of The Red Line Project, an Amsterdam based events experience design agency. He started his career in experience marketing at Disneyland Paris, Marriott and Singapore Airlines, and transitioning into events as a meeting designer and facilitator. In 2015, he co-founded Event StoryBoard, because of a simple observation: audiences expect to be engaged, connected and amazed during their event experience.