Exclusive Insight Into the Modern Culinary Vibe of Ljubljana

The November Gourmet Festival, connecting Slovenia’s most important culinary names, Ljubljana’s restaurants and culinary offers, is in full swing. However, its finishing line is approaching on 24 November.

The final ceremony will start at 11am in a unique venue of the City of Design, where the modern interprations of local food will be on offer to taste. One will also be able to taste festival’s wines, aperitiffs, and several different culinary treats made by some of the most eminent and awarded Ljubljana’s chefs. This culinary celebration offers a free entrance to everyone –  to gastronomic experts and to wider public.

All day long, Supercatering staff will hold attractive cooking shows. They will prepare real gastronomical treats – the rich Ljubljana traditions will get a modern dress.

At 18h (6pm) a winner of the best dish listed in the New Taste of Ljubljana competition will be chosen. The jury will choose the dish that will become the best dish in the menu of Ljubljana Tastes for the whole year. You can join to this celebration of excellent Slovenian food and wines throughout the day, until late evening hours.

Petra Stušek, Director of Ljubljana Tourism, noted that the November Gourmet Festival »certainly proves how Ljubljana can be easily placed next to the best culinary and wine destinations of Europe.«