Experience the Power of Senses at Conventa 2016

Miha Pogacnik
Miha Pogacnik

Music has an enormous amount of power, because it acts directly on the listener; the sound travels straight to the unconscious part of the brain and triggers waves of positive emotions. At Conventa 2016 we will make a step forward and take hosted buyers to intense resonance platform experience with Miha Pogačnik, world renowned classical concert violinist and leadership consultant, to enable their own creative re-solution for change and transformation.

Although the connection between sound, music and organising events and congresses might seem illogical when first mooted, we believe that a key to an event’s success lies in the principles of music. Music can give rhythm to an event and, ultimately, rhythm is something that originates from thousands of years of human history central to the rituals of different peoples around the world. Music at events can therefore be carefully selected in order to awake certain emotions and for these reasons it is our opinion that it should be used in the organisation of events.

Conventa Experience – Sound

If musical tone is the basis of music, then participants are the basis of Conventa. As with music, they have to be carefully selected in order to achieve the right harmony. We therefore devote a lot of time to the selection of hosted buyers.

The working atmosphere between the meetings at the Conventa can for some people of a less musical disposition be a disturbing humdrum, but for the organisers this is a very special kind of music. Conventa participants come into contact with music at different levels of their journey through the event. The organisers believe in the power of unobtrusive background music upon their arrival and each culinary event is supported by the kind of music that enhances the culinary experience.

Last year as well as this year, participants will get to know about Dalmatian cuisine much better through a cappella harmony-singing group from Dalmatia itself accompanying the meal. The evening receptions will be focussed on performances of the region’s musical treasures too. More lively participants can cap everything off with more music and rhythms at the now legendary Conventa after-party. The entire project will work on the idea that the congress year begins with Conventa and participants will certainly remember Conventa by their music experience had there.

Special Guest at Conventa 2016 – Classical concert violinist and leadership consultant, Miha Pogačnik

Miha Pogačnik taps the unexplored potential of art as a significant force for productivity, creativity and organisational renewal. At Conventa he will explore the parallels between musical and organizational identity and business processes, and use it to help us solve problems and increase innovation at our workplace. In two Conventa days we will be able to listen to him twice, each time arouse new passion with the out-of-the-box solutions emerging from musical complications.

About Miha Pogačnik:
Miha is CIO – Chief Inspiration Officer of the Institute for Development of Intercultural Relations through the Arts (IDRIART) and Managing Director of Ecoculture. In this role he has held over 200 festivals in crisis areas around the globe. His last social creation is Terra Parzival, European Regional Development Model. Also, he serves as Cultural Ambassador of Slovenia.

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