FIA’s Alternative Energy Cup at Bled, Slovenia

ECOnova Rally Slovenija 2016 at Bled, Slovenia
ECOnova Rally Slovenija 2016 at Bled, Slovenia

This year Slovenia is going green in all directions. Not only was the Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana declared European Green Capital 2016, Slovenia is also hosting the first unofficial FIA alternative energy cup (AEC) the “ECOnova Rally Slovenija 2016″, entitled also the “VW2 FIA AECup Rally Bled”.

FIA chose Bled to host this international alternative energy car racing event between 31st March and 2nd April, the dates that were last year reserved for the Rally Monte Carlo, but were this year postponed to autumn. Bringing this eco-friendly event to the region means great honor to the city of Bled that will gain even a large international visibility via all media attention and publicity covering the championship.

The Rally will be organized according to the regulations of the FIA Alternative Energies Cup (for electric, hybrid cars, cars driving on natural gas, fuel cells, therefore the average speed of the cars mustn’t exceed more than 50 km/h) and will be considered as the newly established European Eco Cup trophy. This will be the first race in the Cup, so numerous participants from abroad are expected.

EKOnova Rally Slovenia is an ecologic rally and the first unofficial world championship for alternative fuels vehicles. This type of competition is becoming increasingly popular, as the autombile manufacturers and the consumers are more and more aware of the importance of sustainable mobility. This event is a great opportunity to promote sustainable mobility, eco-driving and environmentally friendly cars. The competition is all about low energy consumption, where participants will also get a chance to test the cars and to learn the basics of “fuel-efficient driving.

Since this event will be both intended for competition and fun everybody is welcome to get first-hand experience of the near mobile future. In addition to the Eco Rally Bled there will be conference organized on the theme of sustainable mobility and the city of Bled as well as the city of Ljubljana will prepare lectures and demonstrations for visitors on energy efficient driving.

The organizers of the rally are Slovenians’ association S Rally led by Primož Lemež, an organization engaged in organizing all kinds of sports car events (cups, championships, etc) and agency Pan. The estimated organization costs of the entire Eco Rally Slovenia are estimated between 120,000 and 160,000 euros. The start of the Rally will begin at Bled and continue through some of the most beautiful mountain passes in the southeastern Alps, namely in Austria and Slovenia. The total length of EKOnova Rally Slovenia 2016 will be approximately 1,000 kilometers.

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Photo Credit: ECOnova Rally Slovenija 2016 at Bled, Slovenia