Great Success for Slovenian Global Digital Campaign

STB_Make New Memories
STB_Make New Memories

In only a month of running, the global digital campaign I Feel Slovenia – Make New Memories reached 7.3 million people around the world. The aim of the campaign launched by Slovenian Tourist Board and Slovenian economy is to raise the recognisability and reputation of Slovenia as a green, active and healthy tourist destination, promote attractive tourist products, and increase the competitiveness of Slovenian tourism on key foreign markets.

The campaign started on 18th of April 2016 on 13 key markets is based on the story of Slovenia as a land of diverse experiences. Their authenticity is emphasized by testimonials in the form of quotations and statements which spread the message, attract attention and arouse curiosity. In only a short time the campaign reached great results.

TV Ad Water, made for the Russian market, had 460.000 visitors on YouTube in only a week. 25.000 foreigners from targeted markets liked the Facebook profile of Slovenian Tourist Board. More than 50.000 clicks on selected keywords were recorded through the search engines Google and Yandex. In the effectiveness of search advertising stood out countries like Hungary, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Looking at the results of advertising using Google Display Network the leading countries were United Kingdom and Benelux, while Italy dominated on Facebook. On Italian portals and Google, Slovenian Tourist Board recorded 7 million views, on the Austrian 5.5 million views, on the German more than 3 million views and on Britain 1.5 million views. The campaign I FEEL SLOVENIA – Make New Memories The campaign was designed through the stories of Slovenia as a land of exciting adventures at various destinations, which promotes Slovenian tourism icons and will last till 11th of November 2016.

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