Fraport Slovenia: From 12 May Without Air Traffic Restrictions

Fraport Slovenija
Fraport Slovenija

On 12 May 2020 the Government of the Republic of Slovenia is withdrawing measures that were restricting air transport in Slovenia. It has assessed that this measure is no longer necessary.

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted an ordinance declaring the end of COVID-19 epidemic effective from 15 May, based on a joint assessment by healthcare professionals and the Government Slovenia is thus the first country in Europe to take this step. The current epidemiological situation makes it possible to ease measures that were urgent to contain and manage COVID-19, but they cannot yet be totally lifted. However, general and specific measures adopted on the basis of the decision to put in place measures as laid down by the Communicable Diseases Act still remain in force. You can find the latest updates here.

The restrictions are lifted for international air services from both the European Union and third countries. Fraport Slovenia is welcoming the government’s decision, as the release of restrictions is of crucial importance for operational flight planning by the airlines. Most airlines canceled passenger flights to our airport by the end of May. Regardless of this fact, in the past few days we have been preparing for the reception of the first passengers and installed necessary safety measures to restart passenger traffic.

All passengers who should travel to/from Ljubljana Airport in the coming days are advised to contact the airline or the point of sale where they bought their tickets for more detailed information about the possible travel.

For the purpose of containing the spread of coronavirus the Government of the Republic of Slovenia banned the operation of passenger air transport in the country on 17 March. The Decree prohibited the performance of international air transport of passengers from all countries to Slovenia, including within the European Union. The ban did not apply to cargo flights, special non-passenger flights and state flights.

Slovenia is now open for tourism and events industry

Several airlines have announced plans to resume flights to and from Ljubljana in early June. The same goes for numerous hotels across Slovenia, which will gradually reopen their doors from June. The Slovenian Convention Bureau is in constant contact with the Ministry of Health in Slovenia regarding the preparation of post-coronavirus standards in the field of event organization. Please, note that there are no numerical restrictions in the organization of business events with pre-known list of participants.

We are looking forward to greeting you again in Slovenia, with even greater joy and hospitality.

Slovenian Convention Bureau, Fraport Slovenia