GDPR Discussion at the Mokrice Castle – Relevant Content, Splendid Location

Recently, one of the most popular topics in Slovenia is how to ensure the protection of personal data after 25 May 2018. The topic was subject of the meeting convened at Golf Hotel Mokrice Castle.

The idyllic medieval Mokrice Castle hosted April 12 and April 13, 2018 more than 30 experts from all over the world, among them Mr. Bruno Gencarelli, Mrs. Lorena Marciana, Mrs. Fgeraldine Proust and Mrs. Ann Cavoukian as the most distinguished ones. The participants exchanged their experiences and presented their own opinion on GDPR, its advantages and disadvantages. The attention was drawn also to the regulation of data disclosure and electronic communication media (e-marketing and regulation of coookies).

The delicate topic brought some very important and interesting conclusions and the participants enjoyed the pleasant environment of the castle, its culinary sofistication and the jokes of a stand-up comedian.

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