Gostilna na Gradu: Renewed dinning experience atop Ljubljana Castle Hill

Nestled within Ljubljana Castle’s historic walls, Gostilna na Gradu has undergone a stunning refurbishment. While staying true to its roots as a modern urban restaurant, it eagerly embraces the latest culinary, architectural and technological innovations.

Under the management of our certified member Jezeršek Catering since 2020 and with nearly 30,000 guests last year, Gostilna na Gradu plays an integral role in shaping Ljubljana’s culinary landscape and reinforcing its identity as a gastronomic capital.

This week, the restaurant has reopened its doors after a stunning refurbishment, masterfully crafted by acclaimed architect and interior designer Tina Rugelj, in collaboration with castle architect Majda Kregar. The outcome is a striking central bar counter—a versatile centerpiece that defines the restaurant’s ambiance. Attention to detail was dedicated to ensuring both comfort and functionality in the selection of furniture and décor, resulting in an inviting atmosphere infused with medieval charm. Drawing inspiration from the venue’s inherent elements, such as its stone walls and iron fixtures, Rugelj expertly incorporated black iron accents, infusing the space with a unique patina that seamlessly continues its story.

Now spiced up with a touch of renovation, Gostilna na gradu is ready to embark on a fresh chapter of culinary excellence and provide guests with unforgettable experiences within the enchanting embrace of the castle surroundings.

Photo: Matic Kremžar, Jezeršek gostinstvo