Ljubljana’s Grand Hotel Union Has New Chef de Cuisine

Scent of Mediterranean in the air, simple but of high quality dishes with a perfect touch for the details and not a trace of monotonous – pure culinary chef d’oeuvre. This is how one would describe the deliciously prepared food by Grand Hotel Union’s new chef, Zdravko Perić.

There is no need for us to emphasize with what kind of passion Zdravko prepares his delicious meals. Without any doubt, his favourite cuisine is Mediterranean, which is linked to his childhood spent at Croatia’s coast. We could begin his success story with Croatia and the delicious seafood he prepares, but for real, we would need to move a bit further up the map, all the way to Germany, where he started with his cooking traineeship. However, it did not take long for him to move even further on, across the Ocean, to Scottsdale Culinary Institute located in Arizona, where he discovered the heritage of French culinary excellence, classic culinary techniques with modern innovations and the latest trends in global cuisine.

He started his professional career as a chef at various hotel restaurants around Croatia and Montenegro and now he is sharing and using his rich experience in Grand Hotel Union’s restaurant. He will provide smart, tasteful and flawless culinary offer for the menus at The Union Garden Restaurant and Cafe, at The Grand Union Cafe and at all events held in the conference centre as well.

Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of French culinary excellence

Continuing the Union Hotels’ tradition, Zdravko will remain preparing healthy meals composed of local ingredients, as tasty as they can be for the much appreciated guests.

When one would ask him about his business motto, it’s as plain, genuine, unique and sincere as his culinary delights: »The biggest business success is to please each guest«.
And if you are still wondering how to make your event an absolute success, be sure that it is by offering the outstanding cuisine, tasty business lunches and gala dinners, the only way to go (to the top)!