The Green Heart of Europe

Rakov Škocjan Large Natural Bridge_Tomo Jeseničnik
Rakov Škocjan Large Natural Bridge_Tomo Jeseničnik

Slovenia sports an incredible natural diversity unmatched in many countries twice its size – powerful waterfalls, mighty peaks, picturesque landscapes, dreamy meadows, breathtaking underground mysteries, sweeping vineyards, and lovely coastline are just some of the attractions enveloped into our tiny country.

Some people call Slovenia a “Garden of Europe”. In spite of the poetic spirit of such a definition, there is definitely a bit of truth in it. This rather petite territory boasts of such a variety of landscape features, that it gives an impression of a mosaic, composed of most diverse and attractive sections of natural scenery, interesting for incentive experiences and variety of MICE-related activities.

Special Interest Tourism is growing in relevance – not only in the field of tourism but also in the MICE industry. Passive business trips are out! Today’s clients and delegates are more demanding than ever, knowledgeable, eco-conscious, nature conservationists, authenticity seekers coveting something new, experiences off the beaten track. Nature combined with business presents an excellent alternative to mundane meetings, events and incentives. And what better destination than the incredibly diverse Slovenia! With distances so small, in a single day you could be attending a meeting session in the morning, sampling outstanding local wines over lunch in the afternoon enveloped by vibrant picturesque landscapes, SUP paddling through the European Green Capital or perhaps even sailing the Adriatic Sea. If adrenaline isn’t your cup of tea, you can always try your hand at snow golf or relax in one of our prime thermal and spa resorts. Here, we promise you’ll feel 25!

Slovenia offers an outstanding patchwork of biological, geographical and cultural diversity, with dozens of major natural assets and items of significant European cultural heritage and UNESCO world heritage sites. Almost 50 % of Slovenia’s territory is covered by protected natural areas, and almost 15,000 aspects of the country’s nature have been awarded the status “valuable natural feature”. The UNESCO World Heritage List is of the utmost importance for cultural and natural heritage. Three Slovenian gems shine on the global map of 1,000 heritage units: Škocjan Caves as a unique natural monument, the prehistoric pile-dwellings around the Alps and the heritage of Mercury in Idrija. In addition to the central sites of special interest, the World Heritage Site Tentative List includes Classic Karst and Fužina Hills in Bohinj.

Slovenia has strong appeal for incentive experiences – there are limitless opportunities for outdoor pursuits, everything from white-water rafting, kayaking and canyoning, to cross-country cycling through rolling hills and forests, or skiing, climbing, hiking, snow-shoeing, night-time sledging, snow rafting, carving ice sculptures, constructing igloos in the Alps.

This year, Slovenia hosted one of the most important associations in the global MICE segment, the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) which made a positive impact in Slovenia as an emerging incentive destination.

“Three things about Slovenia that’s very easy, the most friendly people that you can imagine. Wonderful nature, we’ve been out here hiking in the mountains and along the lakes and going down the river and now I’ve discovered Ljubljana as one little jewel box. This is really a boutique destination and we’re selling it hard.” Hugo Slimbrouck, Ovation Global DMC; on three things about Slovenia.

7 Nature Highlights of Slovenia

Lake Bled – fairytailesque icon of Slovenian tourism.

Logar Valley – one of the most beautiful Alpine glacial valleys in Europe.

The World’s Oldest Vine – a symbol of the rich wine culture of Slovenia.

The Olm – discover the underwater love.

Rakov Škocjan – the biggest natural bridge.

Ljubljanica – river with the most names.

The Edelweiss – the oldest protected plant.

It’s difficult to name just a few nature highlights of Slovenia because each one is special in its own unique way. Slovenia is so diverse, there are plentiful spots for the heart to latch on to. So, which Mother Nature gem in Slovenia stole your heart?

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[vc_toggle title=”Interesting Facts” el_id=”1463577802349-8d086641-8597″]WATER.

Waterful Experiences.

Slovenia is one of the most water-rich countries in Europe. It has 27,000 km of rivers, streams and other watercourses, as well as numerous thermal or mineral springs, and quite a few aquifers. Most people drink tap water here since it’s clean and delightfully pure.



Where Love Tastes Like Salt.

A curious detail about the Slovenian sea salt from Piran Saltpans which is also a high-end culinary treat – it’s used in the restaurant chain of world-famous British chef Jamie Oliver.



From Different Regions.

In the Central and Eastern part of Slovenia, natural health resorts have the longest tradition. Almost each spring of thermal and mineral water has an intriguing legend. One of them saying that the spring of Roitschocrene was discovered by Pegasus, who hit the ground with his hoof and thus became the symbol of the Rogaška mineral water – Donat Mg – renowned for the highest magnesium content in the world.



Surprises From Beneath.

Slovenia has a truly magical underground world. Springs of crystal-clear mineral water, bursting from the depth of 1,000 meters, enrich many different parts of the country. Over thousands of years and under the influence of temperature and earth pressures, waters have dissolved rocks and soaked themselves with the best combination of minerals.[/vc_toggle]