“Grinding Axes” at the Grand Hotel Primus in Ptuj

Again, the Grand Hotel Primus MICE offer, characterised by personal touch, great hospitality and a touch of the carnival atmosphere based on their rich cultural history, turned this event into something unique and memorable.

Pegasus, based on values entrepreneurial community in Slovenia, decided to organize their annual event “Grinding Axes” from 16th to 18th February 2017 in the beautiful environment of Ptuj, precisely Grand Hotel Primus. With their main message, that everything in life is based on values, this was excellent choice of venue, since SAVA Hotels & Resorts and their excellent MICE venue at Ptuj focuses on encouraging participants to forget about the demands of the business world for a few moments and to experience more relaxed atmosphere within their business events – and that certainly helped Pegasus members to share knowledge, establish contacts and experience, based on positive values they share.

The newly established business centre Pegasus organized the event to present their concept and work that encourages managers to broader thinking, concern for employees, motivation in the workplace and to the establishment of company’s key values. Many interesting guests and lecturers motivated Pegasus members and since healthy business is also based on healthy living, the Grand Hotel Primus made special “BeFit” meals from nutritionist receipts to ensure that food and the environment are truly an excellent base for this event.

And business is not just about business. Sava’s MICE Team and Grand Hotel Primus knows that business programmes like this also need some fun bonding time and what better way is to bond with their truly interesting animation programme which included stand-up comedian, party in Roman togas at a private hotel pool and the participants were also greeted by famous Slovenian carnival mask, “Kurent” in the light of Slovenia’s most popular and ethnologically significant carnival event which is traditionally held at Ptuj, the oldest documented city in the region that draws around 10,000 participants each year.