Health & Wellbeing in Focus at the Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana

The National Diabetes Conference was held on 11th November 2015 in Congress centre at the Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana and was organized by the National Institute of Public Health and the Slovenian Ministry of Health.

The main aim of the conference was to prove that appropriate awareness would have impact on reducing the number of patients with diabetes. The number of the patients is growing every year, especially is increasing number of people with diabetes type 2. The speakers pointed out that the main reasons are aging the population, changes in lifestyle and that we can expect such growing trend in the future as well. The National institute and Ministry in cooperation with Chamber of Nurses are preparing and testing educational programs for all people with high risk for diabetes type 2. The speakers and delegates agreed that prevention is the most important especially in term of informing population through doctors, pharmacists and media as well.

Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana Ljubljana is following the global trends of healthy food. The meals and snacks during the breaks were including ingredients and healthier treats which are lowering the risk of diabetes such as beef fillet in natural sauce, whole grained kus-kus and frozen berry-dessert with low fat yoghurt. Attendees with dietary restrictions are craving snacks that look and taste better which is an additional challenge at including smart choice of healthier indulgences at each event.