Hidden Charms of Karst

Hiša izročila, Heritage House, Cerkniško jezero, Lake Cerknica
Hiša izročila, Heritage House, Cerkniško jezero, Lake Cerknica

The Slovenian Convention Bureau Team visited disappearing Lake Cerknica, a truly mysterious and beautiful natural phenomenon. Slovenia is the home of Karst, the Slovenia’s version of Tuscany with outstanding natural beauty, picturesque stone-built hilltop villages, ancient towns and excellent gastronomy.

Almost half of the country is karstic with approximately 8000 registered caves. The spectacular Škocjan Caves Park is on UNESCO‘s list of world heritage sites with one of the world’s biggest underground gorges. In addition to the caves themselves is a regional park with a beautiful trail running around the collapsed valley and views of the cave mouth. And of course well known Postojna cave with its 20 km long system is the most visited cave in Europe. There are numerous opportunities for team buildings and active incentives. Take a look of 100 plus incentive ideas book: http://issuu.com/slovenianconventionbureau/docs/slovenian_incentive_ideas_book_2014

The Slovenian Convention Bureau team visited Heritage House at the mysterious Lake Cerknica. Disappearing lake, is a truly beautiful natural phenomenon which fills with water mostly in the autumn, and drain away in the spring. It had already attracted explorers as early as in the 17th century, and has been the object of study and admiration ever since. This largest Slovenian karst plain is a real tourist magnet regardless of the season. The Heritage House is just a stone’s throw away from marvelous Lake Cerknica. Through their primary mission of protecting natural and cultural heritage of Slovenia, the Heritage House represent the undiscovered treasury of authentic experiences wrapped in historical storytelling. The area offers numerous opportunities for incentive and team-building programs – from building the traditional wooden boat called drevak, lake paddling, trekking, harvesting wild herbs and producing essential oils, to the old traditions that can be upgraded into unique programs and stories, such as flax spinning or blacksmithing.

When in Slovenia the Lipica Stud Farm is a must see! It is the home of the famous Lipizzaner horse, established by the Habsburg Archduke Charles II in 1580. It is one of the oldest European stud farm breeding a single breed of horse. The Lipizzaner is one of the oldest cultural horse breeds in the world. The name of the breed is derived from Lipica, its point of origin in the Slovenian Karst. The Lipizzaner is a harmoniously built, elegant and noble horse of medium frame suitable for performing classic dressage elements, riding and coach-drawing. It has a benevolent nature and a vivacious temperament. Lipica Stud Farm is also a unique setting for meetings and incentives. Combination of meeting facilities and special venues in the charming natural surrounding offer numerous possibilities for the organisation of indoor and outdoor events.

Besides these stunning phenomenons, Karst offers many other cultural, ethnological and culinary specialities that attract visitors to the region. As famous Slovene poem wrote “My soul is jolly as if it had been drinking the Karst Teran!”. Yes, Karst is truly magical …