Hotel Bohinj offers a floating breakfast

Hotel Bohinj, which opened its doors last year, lies in the magnificent Bohinj area, where amazing views of the Julian Alps await you on every step.  Since the vision of the hotel is to become an example of excellent socially responsible business practice based on creativity, youthful enthusiasm and understanding of the vision of Slovenian tourism, the hotel keeps surprising with innovative products.

One of the most recent ones is the so-called Floating Breakfast, which includes a private rental of the outdoor pool, where you are served a delicious breakfast. And yes, you have read it correctly, while enjoying the breakfast, you are actually in the pool, enjoying magnificent views of the surrounding mountains. The whole experience takes 45 minutes and is available daily, at 8 and 9am. The price for the hotel guests (2 persons) is €50 and for visitors €70. 

Further information and booking details are available here