Hotel Lev: A Fusion of Contemporary Comfort and Timeless Elegance in Premier Rooms

Ljubljana’s Hotel Lev is ready for the first guests in the renovated Premier Rooms.Today’s hospitality scene demands creative solutions and changes in the hotel design with clever adaptation to rapid social changes. To ensure a highly personalized experience and to transform accommodation units into the highlights of any escape, the guestroom configurations need to be re-assessed.

Modern demands for an inviting hotel room aim much higher than the classical bed-table-locker combo. In today’s world, the surprises in design are not just expected but are a must. Therefore, Hotel Lev, situated in the heart of Ljubljana, will in April open newly renovated »Premier« rooms. The new design of the 22 rooms in the hotel’s first floor features a contemporary open-space style for sophisticated comfort with state-of-the-art hotel amenities.

The contemporary interior design and trends understand how to satisfy today’s guest and how to pamper all their senses. Letting go of visually upsetting patterns and embracing more texture instead, is one way to create a memorable experience. Interior of Premier Rooms is complemented by a neutral palette, modern furniture, and luxe fabrics. Also, the technological demands such as the laptop-sized safes, Wi-Fi, and flat-screen TVs are sophistically integrated in the design of the rooms.

Vienna-based architecture and interior design firm BWM Architeken carried out the renovation and created a home away from home with a serene and cozy fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary comfort. Following the modern trends, the Premier bathrooms are transformed into a charming and stylish oasis with transparent glass instead of bathroom walls, with a raindrop shower and selected Prija bathroom cosmetics.

Moments of tranquility are assured with the soft lounge seating by the windows overlooking the newly designed Gosposvetska street all dressed in green. The look through the window will connect the guests to the street vibe of the Ljubljana’s Old Town.