How the Olympic Commitee of Slovenia delivered a successful event with MeetPoint event tech?

Discover the potential of reliable event technology solution, which can save your time and money.

Olympic Committee of Slovenia, Association of Sports Federations (OKS) and the Sports Union of Slovenia organised the 27th TAFISA World Congress in Portorož in June 2022. The 5-day international event is one of the largest Sport for All conferences, bringing together more than 300 participants from 173 organisations and 54 countries. Putting everything together was a major challenge for the organisers, which is why they decided to use the MeetPoint online platform again to simplify event management.

MeetPoint was first used to set up the event’s promotional website and create registration forms used by participants to register for various tracks, choose their accommodation and make payments. To bring the event even closer to the participants, OKS also designed a mobile app that let participants follow along the action and engage with each other. Paperless check-in for the event was enabled at multiple locations by scanning QR codes that participants received by e-mail. 

The platform has made it easier for organisers to prepare and organise events, and to plan and make decisions more transparently and quickly. By digitising events, the team not only saved time and money, but also reduced the event’s harmful effects on the environment. Post-event statistics and improved participant satisfaction are just some of the many benefits of using MeetPoint’s online platform to organise an event.