ICCA Venue International Business Workshop in Slovenia’s Capital

Cankarjev dom - CD Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana
Cankarjev dom - CD Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana

Between 23 and 25 April, ICCA Venue International Business Workshop will take place in Ljubljana’s Cankarjev dom – CD Cultural and Congress Centre.

Cankarjev dom (CD) has been a part of ICCA, the network of more than 1,100 members worldwide since 1981. That same year CD also started operating. ICCA, the global association leader for the international meetings industry, among other events and programmes, provides Business Workshops. To CD it is bringing the ICCA Venue Internaional Business Workshop.

It is in a great advantage of every destination when ICCA chooses it for its event. ICCA events bring together major stakeholders in the world of association meetings. In Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana’s main venue in the heart of the city, between 10 and 15 ICCA venues will gather and they will each invite an accompanying association executive to discuss their specific meetings requirements. All together, there are between 800 to 2.000 attendees expected.

It is a very selective workshop. Association executives must conform to strict selection criteria, so ensuring that participating venues can promote their company and services to senior decision-makers who are actively looking for destinations, venues and services. No other event offers the same opportunity for association executives and ICCA members to meet face-to-face and discuss future co-operation in a tailor-made Workshop environment.

During the workshop, the participating association executives get the opportunity to meet people from a minimum of nine or a maximum of fourteen other venues. They make initial contact with the sales team as well as learn the suitability (or otherwise) of the venues in a way that would otherwise have been time consuming and would have involved a great deal of travel. At the end of Workshop venues and association executives have a forum session in separate rooms to share best practices and learn from each other.

This way the ICCA Venue International Bussiness Workshop enriches the experience and connections in the meetings industry. Cankarjev dom with its 40 years of history, expertise as well as, in Slovenia, unparalleled beauty and functionality of its halls, will certainly meet the demands and expectations of such top-level client as ICCA is.

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