Ice Cream With a View

Bled ice cream
Bled ice cream

SoolNua’s #worldICECREAMindex celebrates and recognizes the central role that ice cream plays in defining a destination and highlighting its authenticity and originality. In the 2015 competition, with over 25,000 votes cast – the No. 1 spot was a very tight race at the end and top of the list was Slovenia.

This year’s rankings are no less competitive. Slovenia is currently placed second with Lake Lounge, Grand Hotel Toplice in fairytale-esque Bled. So, how about a big scoop of their unique ice cream, such as BREATHTAKING Alpine Beauty, ORIGINAL Bled Cream Cake, or perhaps INVIGORATING Brainpower Boost?

Help Slovenia to become No. 1 ICE CREAM DESTINATION also this year and cast your vote for Lake Lounge, Grand Hotel Toplice. Use your Facebook profile for voting, one vote per profile per day is permitted.

Don’t forget to cast your vote for other two individual ice cream stores that you think are also worthy of representing Slovenia:

Thanks for supporting us and treat yourself to some authentic Slovenian ice cream with a view!