Slovenia Meetings, Important Notice on Coronavirus
Slovenia Meetings, Important Notice on Coronavirus

Last update: 16 December 2020

Dear friends of #sLOVEniameetings,

Slovenia was one of the first countries in the world with recognized Safe Travels Protocols approved by the World Travel and Tourism Council. The current epidemiological situation in Slovenia are similar to most European countries – the coronavirus disease has been spreading rapidly and the number of cases among the population has been rising exponentially, therefore, the Slovenian government declared an epidemic on the entire territory of the Republic of Slovenia. You can find the latest updates here

Despite a firm belief in in the power of live events and human to human communication, the Slovenian Convention Bureau launched new standards “Safe and Healthy Meetings & Events” in order to ensure the highest possible level of health safety for event participants and employees. The certification is issued by the Slovenian Convention Bureau and was created in cooperation with the National Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Slovenia. The standards are based on a comprehensive guide including measures and recommendations for reducing health risks connected to the spread of COVID-19 at meetings and events.

We strive with full care to act as constructively as possible in the current situation, thus preparing a favourable position for the best possible way out of the crisis when it is behind us. We believe that we will succeed and we will forge a more solid and sincere bond between us. As stated by IMEX: “Remember who you are and what you represent. We are an industry that contributes $1.5 trillion of GDP to the global economy.” The #sloveniameetings team is here to assist you in this difficult time. If you have any questions or require any support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our strategic partner, the Slovenian Tourist Board has been closely monitoring the situation and keeping you up to date with current information, measures and recommendations of competent Slovenian and international institutions on the actions to take to fight coronavirus. Read more: STB: All You Need to Know About Coronavirus 

The official point of single contact where information relating to coronavirus is available is published on the website of the National Institute of Public Health and other following websites:

We can be reached via email: