Innovative Presentation of Advanced Technologies as a Culinary Masterpiece

Brdo Estate_green-lr
Brdo Estate_green-lr

This fall, an introduction of an innovative approach to product presentation was given by Renault Slovenia and the Brdo Estate. The estate with a modern congress centre, a 4-star hotel, a castle and an enchanting park with many lakes, is among other things well-known for its high-end cuisine. Functions of Renault’s innovative technology MULTI-SENSE® that are included in Renault Talisman and Espace vehicles were presented to the invited guests through culinary experimental menu drawn up by the Brdo chefs.

Overture in Green

After the overture in the form of bread bites with salt flower and selected blend of olive oil and pumpkin seed, the room suddenly filled with green light.  Brdo tuned team of waiters served the first meal, pea terrine domestic hub with pea cress, parsley foam, oil and cake. The green symbolizes Renault’s ecological driving program the ECO.

From Yellow to Red

A state of harmony and symbiosis represents program NEUTRAL. The plates lit up with a warm touch of the sun in shades of yellow – smoked pumpkin ravioli with yolk on the yellow carrots puree with the pumpkin Hokkaido. Red symbolizes SPORT setting in which Renault vehicles awaken responsiveness, agility, and dynamic position on the road. On the plate occurred an invigorating boldness in the form of top-quality beef tenderloin with a red wine reduction, beet gnocchi, red cabbage and roasted beetroot. White wine was replaced by red.

The Grand Finale

For the grand finale a dark chocolate with a caramel core in the company of semi-sweet Muscatel was served. The desert was easy as COMFORT setting of the Renault vehicles. Multi-Sense dinner rounded up with the blue colour and light music.

Without a doubt the Multi- Sense evening at Brdo Estate in the company of prestigious Renault vehicles was an exceptional event. An excitingly innovative approach to a product presentation provided by the tuned Brdo team and agency FABulatory in cooperation with Publicis Groupe Slovenija and Croatian agency Eures Tim.