International Bridge Tournament “Plesnik Open” Took Place in Logar Valley


In February, Bridge Club Plesnik in cooperation with Bridge Partner Austria organized their traditional “Plesnik Open”, an international Bridge tournament. 40 players from five different countries took part at the tournament.

Bridge Club Plesnik, established in 2012, is a member of Slovenian Bridge Association from the beginning. Due to its nearness to Austria, president of the club Martina Plesnik, cooperates with Austria tournament organizers Bridge Partner very well. Beside tournaments they organize together gourmet and picnic weekends.

About 40 participants from Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Germany, spited in 10 teams, were finishing the tournament on Sunday. First place was taken by Hungarian team, followed by Slovenia-Serbia team and Austrian team. Next year’s tournament will take place in Logar Valley from 3 to 5 February 2017. “Plesnik Open is one of the most charming events I attend, not only because of international occupation, but for the size of the tournament and environment as well.” was short Bridge grand master Marjan Zadel, who was also leadeing this year’s tournament. Tolja Orač, president of Slovenian Bridge Association added “Logar Valley was always among my preferred destinations for tournaments”.

Logar Valley is one of Europe’s most beautiful glacial alpine valleys. A tranquil walk in the valley and the surrounding area reminds us of the centuries-old harmony here between men and nature. Hotel Plesnik lies right in the heart of this picture-perfect valley, where modern comfort is united with friendly ambience of a country house.

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Photo credit:, Tomo Jeseničnik