Introducing Jaz: Ana Roš and AS Boutique Hotel’s Latest Collaboration

The collaborative endeavor of Jaz by Ana Roš and AS Boutique Hotel has brilliantly transported the essence of international metropolises right into the heart of Ljubljana.

Jaz by Ana Roš embodies a youthful, vibrant space, often referred to as “young dining.” It breaks free from the constraints of traditional fine dining, encouraging visitors to share their plates and fostering a sense of shared love at the table. Just as we break bread, symbolizing unity and togetherness, Jaz by Ana Roš is where diverse cultures and bold flavors converge, creating fresh stories and rekindling age-old traditions.

In English, “Jaz” means “I,” and in Arabic, “Ana” signifies “Me.” In English, she embodies the rain of blossoms, the bearer of treasures, and a resolute, unyielding personality. In Arabic, she epitomizes an unwavering warrior striving to realize her desires and staying true to her principles. JAZ is the eyes that see it all.

Much like Hiša Franko, the three Michelin-starred restaurant nestled in the captivating Soča Valley, Chef Ana Roš’s culinary genius at Jaz revolves around locally sourced ingredients and delicate flavors. The dishes at Jaz are uncomplicated, guided by the changing seasons. The market serves as a wellspring of inspiration, and the international team’s wealth of experience guarantees a flawless breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is a blend of elegance and seriousness, with a touch of funky and a dash of rock ‘n’ roll.

With AS Boutique Hotel, the Raspopović family extends the legacy of Ljubljana’s renowned Gostilna AS. The common thread between Jaz by Ana Roš and AS Boutique Hotel is the remarkable breakfast experience offered at the hotel. More than just accommodation, it’s a journey to the heart of Ljubljana, merging contemporary comfort with captivating aesthetics.

The hotel’s design, created by internationally acclaimed Ofis Architects, with interiors crafted by architect Janja Bulc and owner Sebastjan Raspopović, is an eclectic amalgamation of historical styles, blending high-end furnishings with vintage treasures reinterpreted in a contemporary context. The goal is to provide modern yet timeless comfort, a departure from the ordinary, generic hotel interiors.

The 30 tastefully furnished rooms, though understated, exude luxury with top-quality mattresses and silky bed linens. Stone-clad bathrooms add a touch of Parisian chic. The rooms offer breathtaking views of Ljubljana Castle, and the meticulously landscaped green surroundings breathe life into the Knafelj Passage.

The fine cuisine and opulent ambiance exude modern elegance and a welcoming warmth. AS Boutique Hotel and JAZ by Ana Roš delight you with their attention to detail and invite you to discover Ljubljana through their eyes.