Intuitive and Colorful Creative Workshop with Slovenian Academic Artist

Painting workshop, Andreja Kranjec
Painting workshop, Andreja Kranjec

Creativity is one of the most powerful tool to use in life to feel happy and in the state of “flow”. When was the last time you allowed yourself to just grab some paint and forget about the real world and dive into the splash of colours? It is told that the best ideas are born when the mind is relaxed… what if you tried to just play a bit and have fun with watercolors and enjoy the process of creating something completely new?

The workshop is 90 min long, and is open for anyone, no previous experience needed. You will be guided through the process of creating by academic slovenian artist Andreja Kranjec, who holds a master degree from Academy of fine arts and design and has several years of experience with teaching artistic workshops with children and adults.

In the workshop you will get to know the basics of watercolour technique and you will be presented different ways of using the intuition to express yourself through painting. There is no need to panic if you are without ideas what to paint or if this is your first time painting, this workshop is a safe place to explore, play and have fun with colours and shapes. This is an excellent way to start the day with clear and open mind or to finish the day to completely disconnect and be present and focused on here and now. 

The workshop includes the following:

  • set of brushes
  • set of pencil and rubber
  • watercolor sketchbook
  • paper towels


  • 10 min welcoming presentation of the workshop and the artist
  • 20 min presentation of the tools and demonstration of the watercolour technique and techique with combining watercolor and pencil
  • 10 min  introduction to the intuitive way of painting, first exercise of choosing the colours, shapes
  • 20 min  exploration of different techinques- each participant painting by their own 
  • 20 min  painting the subject that each participant choose with guded help of the artist
  • 10 min finishing the process of painting, saying goodbye, feedbacks

About Andreja:

Andreja Kranjec (1989) finished her MA in Video and new Media at Academy of Fine Art and Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She works in the field of visual art, film, video and photography. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions and screenings at festivals in Slovenia and abroad. In 2018 she recieved Prešeren Award for Students by Academy of Art and Design. She has succesfully lead creative workshops for children and adults for several years.