Investment Cycle in Ljubljana Continues

Barcelo Hotel Group, Visual for hotel in Ljubljana
Barcelo Hotel Group, Visual for hotel in Ljubljana

Development of Ljubljana congres offer, particularly the hotel sector, continues in 2020 with new projects announced. Additionally, a brand new Arrivals passenger terminal at the Ljubljana Airport is to be completed by spring 2021.

Ljubljana’s growing visibility in the international meeting industry market can be attributed to several factors, including continuous marketing efforts by the key local stakeholders active in international associations bidding procedures, as well as in the corporate events segment. The ongoing expansion and quality improvement of the city’s tourist offer in a broader sense is another important element enhancing Ljubljana’s destination appeal.

Slovenia’s Presidency of the EU in the 2nd half of 2021 and the constant increase of visitor numbers have spurred recent investments in the hotel offer. New hotel openings are planned in the next three years that will bring a range of modern capacities for various types of events.

A new, central property with 165 rooms is under construction; the construction of a 300+ rooms hotel (probably 5-star) has been underway; an existing convention hotel (less central) is building an extension with 115 rooms, to be opened in summer 2020. A few smaller boutique hotels in the Old Town area and city centre are also in construction, and a central 50-room property is to be on the market by mid-2021 too.

Other projects with known locations are in the planning stage – together with the ones to be completed in 2021, they are expected to add a total of approx 1,400 rooms to the city hotel portfolio by 2023, which means the estimated total number of rooms in town will amount to approximately 4.100 (45% increase of the current capacity).

Ljubljana Convention Bureau