It’s All About Health and Medicine Events in Maribor

During the 8th and 9th April 2016 the Pediatric Department of UKC Maribor in cooperation with the Health Care Centre Dr. Adolf Drolc Maribor, the Pediatric Department of Faculty of Medicine University of Maribor and Maribor Medical Association organized the XXVI annual meeting of pediatricians and the XIII annual meeting of pediatric nurses taking place at the Hotel Habakuk in Maribor.

Both events are traditionally organized each year at the biggest congress center in Maribor – Pohorje region, and are focusing on a variety of topics concerning health care of children and youngster. This year’s themes of the meetings were as follows: “Adolescent medicine”, “Novelties in the field of pediatric pulmonology,” “Hhyperkinetic disorder in children or the pressure of modern life”, ultrasound and endoscopic workshops.

Professionals working in the pediatric departments are aware of the necessity to stay up to date with constant changes and emerging medical innovations that are influencing the progress and quality of health care services which is why in organizing such international event they strive to present current novelties and problems regarding children’s health to a wider public. During meetings, local and foreign experts shared their opinions, presented recent health studies and proposed eventual solutions when addressing specific health issues.

This year around 400 participants attended the meetings, coming from different countries, such as Serbia, Croatia and United Kingdom.