Jungle Spirit at Conventa Crossover: Between Music, Trees, Animals and eventprofs

Conventa Crossover, the summer congress event of the year, brought together 150 MICE experts from 15 different countires in Hotel Lev on 28th and 29th of August. The future of MICE and travel marketing in the Alpe Adria region is bright and the attendees enjoyed two days in the jungle. The event had a special feature: carefully designed space with attention to details, based on the Power to the meetings methodology. The result: really relaxed and lively atmosphere at the event, where everyone felt welcome and engaged.

Jungle at every corner

Together with Union Hotels team we designed a space that gave everyone a cozy feeling of a living room and at the same time a wild feeling of a jungle. With big bamboo and palm trees the space got a green sprit.

The coloured trees all around were perfect to connect the space and host jungle animals, specially designed for this event. The fruits livened up the trees and gave a funky attitude to the hall, with bananas, ananas and coconuts all around.

Since the sound and music pamper our ears, we also focused on the music during the event. Professional DJ played with jungle sounds during the speeches and we could hear jungle rythms, rain and animal sounds surrounding the space. With fireplace in the front, the atmosphere was extremely relaxed.

During the break, attendees could enjoy the jungle photo booth and turn into jungle animals themselves.

Moderator and stand up comedian, Adam Fields

We believe in the power of the meetings and we also believe in the power of a great moderator. Adam Fields from Masters in Moderation gave the event a special energy, connected all the dots together, entertained the audience and made sure that the event was lively and interactive with the help of a catch box microphone. Adam’s charisma, energy and experience in the stand-up field blew participants away and kept them alert. He also got in touch with event speakers before the event via Skype and talked to them about their story. This allowed him to make great introductions and prepare nice connecting questions before each speaker.

Power to the meetings methodology

Gorazd Čad, the founder of Conventa Crossover: “What’s special about the conference is how we create the space. This year was an interlacement of festival spirit, jungle vibes and a living room set-up that created for a relaxed atmosphere. In addition to that we used innovative and efficient presentation methods and formats, such as Pecha Kucha, TEDx, Elevator Pitch and others. All of it was tied together by an expert host, who gave the event a rhythm and created a special energy among participants.”

Hats off to wonderful Conventa Crossover team who created this amazing experience.