Key Slovenian players in the MICE Industry and SoolNua hold prolific meeting in Portorose

Slovenia Meetings
Slovenia Meetings

On August 25, 2015 the Slovenian Convention Bureau held the scientific meeting with the main focus on brand value propositions of the MICE sector in Slovenia.

Slovenian Convention Bureau organized the scientific meeting with key players in the Slovenian MICE industry and SoolNua. The main topic of the meeting was on the presentation of the new strategic brand value propositions of Slovenian MICE sector which consist of 5 human factor characteristics:

· Slovenian Energy
· Team Flexibility
· 24h Smile
· Personal Touch
· Natural Charm

When creating new brand value propositions, it was important to tie them into the overall master brand “I Feel Slovenia”. The important part of the event was workshop for members of the Slovenian Convention Bureau with the aim of creating the elevator pitch for the Slovenian MICE sector. The event featured relaxed socialising topped up with joyful atmosphere for more than 50 participants, all of whom left the meeting with the same thought – a common elevator pitch that could be used consistently across various activities and services.

About SoolNua and Slovenian Convention Bureau cooperation
SoolNua was established in early 2014 by Patrick Delaney and Pádraic Gilligan, SoolNua works with destinations, hotels and venues on MICE related matters including strategy, marketing and training. Delaney and Gilligan are former directors of MCI and the founders of Ovation Global DMC. In March, 2015 the Slovenian Convention Bureau has appointed Ireland-based meetings and events consultancy SoolNua to advise them on strategy and marketing for the MICE sector for a period of 1 year.