Launch of a Global Digital Campaign “I FEEL SLOVENIA – Make New Memories”


Slovenian Tourist Board is launching one of the most important projects since August 2015, when it started to operate on its own again. By running a global digital campaign in close cooperation with the economy, the Slovenian Tourist Board will, through innovative advertising messages, raise the recognisability and reputation of Slovenia as a green, active and healthy tourist destination, promote attractive tourist products, and increase the competitiveness of Slovenian tourism on key foreign markets.

On 1st August 2015, when STB became an independent organisation once again, the team led by Maja Pak changed the guidelines and placed digital content marketing among key activities for the 2016–2017 period. These activities include, among other things, a further development of communication with the public through social media, the new website and a global digital campaign. The digital campaign, which started in April 2016, will be carried out in several waves until 11th November 2016.

The number of people using digital and mobile services and links on social networks is rapidly increasing around the world. According to data published on the We are Social website in January 2016, as many as 46 percent of all 7.395 billion inhabitants of our planet use the Internet (the number increased by 10 percent in comparison to January 2015), whereas 31 percent of the world population uses social networks (which is 10 percent more than last year). The share of unique mobile users is more than 50 percent or 3.790 billion people (up by 4 percent since last year), and mobile social media users represent 27 percent of the total population (17 percent more than last year). Researches show that as many as 80 percent of tourists look for information about their trips online, and 65 percent of them book their holiday on the Internet.

“Upon establishing the Slovenian Tourist Board as an independent organisation, the need for an immediate development of a comprehensive and operational strategy for the digitalisation of marketing in tourism was recognized as the key priority in line with the global trends. Therefore, we decided to include the digital content marketing in our marketing and communication activities in order to raise competitiveness of the Slovenian tourism. Through digital content marketing we aim to address the clearly defined target groups and convince them to choose Slovenia as their holiday destination. For this purpose, we established a working group in close cooperation with the economy sector, with the task to prepare guidelines for the new strategy and monitor its implementation,” said Maja Pak, Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board.

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