Legendary Hotel Brdo Announces Completion of €26 Million Renovation

Hotel Brdo, Ark Arhitecture Krusec
Hotel Brdo, Ark Arhitecture Krusec

Slovenia’s State Protocol Services JGZ Brdo has announced a complete renovation of its legendary Hotel Brdo, located in natural surroundings of the Brdo Estate. The hotel will re-open in 2021.

Brdo Estate is the main venue for Slovenia’s diplomatic events, located just a stone’s throw away from the Ljubljana Airport. Eventhough a comprehensive refurbishment of the Hotel Brdo has been planned for a long time, one of the key inventives for its refurbishemnt was Slovenia’s EU Presidency in 2021. In 2016, Slovenia’s Government decided on declarative level that the Brdo Estate will be the main venue for the most important events during the presidency.

Scheduled renovation will begin in Summer 2019 and will take two years to complete. The new hotel will have a larger capacity of 136 accommodation units (now 78 rooms and suites) with an elegant style and sleek technology enhancements for today’s modern traveler, protocol guests and convention attendees. 

The expansion of hotel capacities, the new Brdo Hotel represents a great potential and new opportunitiesfor the international meetings, events and incentive market. An immense potential of the Brdo Estate is confirmed also by numerous domestic and international awards, and good business results. 

The rest of the estate will continue to smoothly operate during the hotel renovation. Slovenia’s legendary Brdo Hotel will open its doors in 2021.


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