Let’s go on culinary journey

As the warm sun embraces the mountain tops, turning Kranjska Gora into an Alpine fairytale, Kranjska Gora becomes a very pleasant destination for business meetings and incentives. The destination is well known for its outstanding gastronomic offer that pleasantly rounds off the moments spent in the splendour of the surrounding mountains.

The chefs in Kranjska Gora know well how to present the traditional culinary of Slovenia to business guests on an adventurous in a fun and interactive way. They have created ˝The traditional culinary journey of Kranjska Gora˝ that is held in a village of Kranjska Gora and is created for guests that enjoy great food and like to experience the different senses and tastes of one specific region.

Culinary journey takes the guests through local village and on five different locations gives them different taste of traditional Slovene culinary, focused on traditional local food and helps them build the bond with the historical heart of the region and a bond among themselves.

As we today deal with a very fast, dynamic business environment and a very intense schedule of meetings, Hit Holidays Kranjska Gora offers their business guests time to spend in a pure nature with culinary adventure that combines great food, fresh air and great mountain resort site seeing.

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