Ljubljana Airport: Progress of construction works for the new terminal

New terminal at Ljubljana Airport, Fraport Slovenija
New terminal at Ljubljana Airport, Fraport Slovenija

Fraport Slovenija started with the construction of the new terminal in the middle of July 2019. One year later a vast construction shows the future image of Ljubljana Airport. The new complex will be ready for use by Summer 2021. 

The construction works are progressing according to plan. The concrete construction of the complex and the roof structure over both floors have been completed. At the moment glass and panel facade is being installed, as well as electrical and mechanical installations and the drainage system. Inner concrete pavement works have started and will be implemented by phases. Also, preparatory works for later commercial surfaces have already begun, as well as works for an additional exit from the departure area onto the apron. In September the equipment in the baggage sorting area is planned to be installed and in the first half of 2021 other technological equipment and interior equipment are planned to be installed. 

The new terminal is a strategic investment with a total estimated value of more than EUR 20 million, that will enable long-term development and future of Ljubljana Airport. This terminal complex will eliminate the bottlenecks of the existing infrastructure – increase capacity, enhance the travel experience and offer more growth opportunities for passenger traffic in the future. 10,000 m² of new floor space will be added, including a new departure hall, 14 check-in desks (making 22 in total), five lines for security inspections and two baggage carousels in the first phase of reconstruction, with a new baggage sorting area, a large duty-free shop, a new business salon, and renovated restaurants and promotion areas to follow. Capacity will be increased from 500 to 1,250 passengers per hour. The plan for the arrangement of outside areas in front of the terminal envisages green spaces, a spacious short-term parking area, and an adequate number of parking spaces for taxis, shuttles and buses. A corridor will connect the expanded new part with the existing areas and will be ready for use by the summer of 2021.

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