Ljubljana Airport Terminal Expansion About to Begin

Fraport Slovenija is set to unveil the expansion of the passenger terminal. The expansion will solve the operational constraints at Ljubljana Airport that have been triggered by passenger growth and changed traffic patterns, which have in turn manifested themselves in higher peaks and an increasing number of transfer passengers. The terminal development will also provide product differentiation to allow further passenger growth.

Zmago Skobir, managing director of Fraport Slovenija, explained: “A modular solution is planned for the terminal expansion. This means that construction can be carried out in phases that are effectively and efficiently adapted to traffic development needs. At the same time, a convenient and high-quality passenger experience will also be provided.”

In the first phase of the terminal expansion, capacity of the departures area will be increased from the current 500 passengers per hour to 1,280 passengers per hour. It will include a large duty-free shop, a new business lounge, as well as renovated food & beverage and promotional areas. There will be 22 check-in desks and 5 long security lines. A new baggage sorting area will be added to the existing one. In addition, the baggage reclaim area will be expanded and equipped with three long carousels.

The existing passenger terminal, which covers 13,000 square metres, will be partly renovated and functionally incorporated with the new building. Following the expansion, the entire terminal construction is expected to commence immediately and will be completed by the time the new terminal greets its first passengers in spring 2020. The entire renovated and expanded terminal complex will cover a total of 22,000 square metres.

Aerodrom Ljubljana rebrands as Fraport Slovenija

Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.o.o. has been fully owned by Fraport AG since 31 March 2015. According to the Fraport Group’s guidelines, the renaming and rebranding is the final step of integrating Aerodrom Ljubljana into the Fraport Group, a process which has taken over two years. This clearly demonstrates how Fraport’s 32 companies (including 27 airport managing companies) throughout the world all have equal membership in the global Group. Fraport’s single global brand strategy defines and illustrates intra-group relations and enhances its strength and visibility on the international stage.

Regarding the rebranding, Christoph Nanke, Chairman of the Investor’s Committee of Fraport Slovenija, d.o.o., explained: “Airports are of course important to the local area but at the same time they operate in a highly competitive international business environment. We believe that the Fraport brand will bring added value to the international visibility, image and business status of our Slovenian subsidiary.”

The new name and its corresponding graphic design have entered into force in April 2017. The long version of the company name reads Fraport Slovenija, upravljanje letališč (airport management), d.o.o. and the short one as Fraport Slovenija, d.o.o. The naming convention follows well-established group practice where the name of the country where the subsidiary is located is generally used along with the name of the parent company.