Ljubljana’s GR hosted successful sci-fi and fantasy cosplay convention

Photo: NMN
Photo: NMN

In May 2024, sci-fi aficionados gathered for one of the first cosplay conventions in Ljubljana at the GR-Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. The convention, titled “On the Border of Invisible,” attracted around 3,000 visitors across four halls, showcasing the latest trends in fantasy and sci-fi.

Visitors explored the gaming zone, participated in workshops and tournaments, and enjoyed presentations from esteemed speakers. Lectures covered a wide range of topics, including video games and cosplay, offering insights into the latest developments in these fields.

In the lecture hall, attendees could listen to a live podcast, watch a film premiere, and discover the latest editions in Slovenian sci-fi literature. A highlight of the event was a talk by Manuel D’Andrea, a renowned make-up artist, who shared his experiences in filmmaking.

One of the most anticipated sessions was a conversation with Alya Elouissi, a Slovenian actress and singer, who participated in the filming of the hit movie Barbie. Hosted by YouTuber Kaya Solo, the discussion delved into Alya’s role, the filming process, and the broader implications of the film for women in the industry.

The convention also featured several exhibitors, including Balix & pByte, Diamant eSports, Kapow Tattoo, LARP Slovenia, and more, presenting their offerings to the enthusiastic crowd.

Following the success of this year’s edition, the convention is expected to return next year in an even more grandiose style.