Ambitious EU Multi-Session Conference in Ljubljana, at the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

European Commissioner for transport Violeta Bulc, Pim van Ballekom, Vice-President of the European Investment Bank, many EU ministers and other high level representatives involved in the planning and financing of transport infrastructure at the national and EU level met on 21 and 22 April 2016 in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, GR- Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.

At the Regional Conference on the Investment Plan for Europe – Investing in Transport they tried to raise awareness and to promote the financing opportunities available in this matter. The plenary session took place in the Marmorna Hall, while smaller rooms were available for bilateral meetings between financial institutions, investors etc. and project promoters.

As Carine Crouquet, Senior Project Manager, Cecoforma, Belgium, pointed out, the organizers of the conference were more than pleased with the GR team: “Your assistance in the organisation of the Regional conference on the Investment Plan for Europe was crucial! We really appreciated your professionalism, your reactivity and your flexibility, which were essential to ensure the smooth running of our ambitious multi-session conference. You made sure everything was in place and looked great, took care of urgent last-minute requests without hesitation, and were always available for us. On behalf of Commissioner Violeta Bulc and the whole European Commission team we deeply thank you for your help which contributed to the success of this high-level event.” It was not for the first time that Violeta Bulc chose GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. Just like birds migrate to their nesting destinations she knows why she is coming back.

Regional Conference of the Investment Plan for Europe – Investing in Transport
Date: 21 – 22 April 2016, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Venue: GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre
Organiser: European commission, Directorate-general for mobility and transport
Number of participants: 200

Photo credit: Tadej Bernik

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