Ljubljana’s creative hub in a reimagined industrial icon: The new Center Rog

Photo credit: Center Rog
Photo credit: Center Rog

Nestled in the heart of Ljubljana’s former industrial district, Center Rog stands as a remarkable embodiment of the city’s industrial cultural heritage. The venue’s story begins with the revitalization of the former bicycle factory Rog, an iconic establishment that left an indelible mark on the city’s history throughout the 20th century. Even today, Rog bicycles continue to weave their legacy into the fabric of the city, with countless residents proudly pedaling these beloved two-wheelers.

The extensive renovation of the factory has been a careful balancing act between preserving its original industrial character and repurposing it to host cultural and artistic events. Center Rog now serves as a dynamic center for knowledge exchange, boasting a dedicated library and fostering skills through various workshops.

This new venue has become the talk of the town, seamlessly connecting with the local community as a creative and social hub. Center Rog is poised to provide a nurturing environment for creators, organizations, companies, and citizens to collaborate on CSR projects spanning manufacturing, urban handicrafts, applied arts, design, and architecture.

Center Rog is more than just a building; it’s a creative haven where visitors can bring their ideas to life with the support of skilled mentors. Explore nine unique production laboratories, where traditional craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technology. From 3D manufacturing to textiles, woodworking to metallurgy, the green laboratory to glass and ceramics, multimedia, and even gastronomy, these labs are hotbeds of innovation.

Spanning an impressive 8,500 square meters across four floors, Center Rog comprises four distinct areas: production, education, events, and exhibitions. Inside, it seamlessly melds a variety of experiences, blending restaurants and workshops, a library, a café, and a bistro into a unique venue for all generations.

Discover the vibrant world of Center Rog and the boundless opportunities it offers for creativity, innovation, and community engagement. To learn more, visit their website: Center Rog