Ljubljana’s Culinary Hotspot Atelje Praised by Food Critics


Union Hotels bistro Atelje received five stars by the renowned Slovenian food critic and writer Uroš Mencinger. 

In January 2016, the Grand hotel Union introduced a new chef de cuisine Jorg Zupan. He and his team took over Smrekarjev Hram, Ljubljana’s famous restaurant with more than 30-year old tradition. Over the summer 2016 the restaurant was completely transformed and with the new name “Atelje”, the place also got a new concept. The idea of the bistro came to life with the help of Mitja Bobnar, the architect takes credit also for the exceptional and creative conference hall design at Hotel Lev in Ljubljana.

In only a few months time, the stylish Atelje already gained popularity among leisure and business guests that came to Ljubljana. Chef de cuisine Jorg Zupan with his culinary creations convinced even the most demanding guests, including the picky food critics. Uroš Mencinger for Slovenian newspaper Nedelo wrote:

Atelje doesn’t only have a creative sound to its name, but with its concept of urban and chef bistro right in the center of Ljubljana is a perfect place for the young chef to show us what he can do. And he did. In half a year he made it to the top!”

Jorg also presented his skills at Conventa when he introduced his culinary creations to more than 300 international meetings professionals at welcome reception held in Grand Hotel Union. What he said about his style of cooking is:

“I try not to use the word style too much when it comes to cooking, I find it a bit restraining. I follow the seasons and I let the ingredients guide me. I also put a lot of mind into technique, classical as well as modern.”

You are definitely missing out if you haven’t tasted Jorg’s cuisine yet!

Photo: Union Hotels, Marko Delbello Ocepek