The Lord of the Castle Strmol

Grad Strmol_lr
Grad Strmol_lr

The Strmol Castle regained its status as a luxury and a boutique hotel with its renovation. Pristine intimacy and a relaxed castle atmosphere, make the guest’s stay memorable in so many ways. Experience, named “The Lord of the Castle for One Night” takes you back in time, where guests are greeted by our castle concierge upon arrival at the castle.

While settling in a luxury apartment, a sweet welcome – Strmol chocolate, awaits. The castle’s housekeeper than takes the guests on a guided tour and presents them all about the exciting adventures of the former owners. When the weather is particularly friendly, the sun invites the guests to stroll through Strmol’s avenue, around the lake and other perfectly, taken care of, castle grounds.  And when they are just about to lose themselves in the timelessness of the centuries, the castle team is preparing dinner. Dinner is served in the main castle dining room, which can accommodate up to 16 guests. The menu is tailor made, by Brdo’s cooking chefs and the guests’ wishes. During dinner, the castle sommelier explains some interesting facts about the wines being served. Castle dining room boasts some of the most authentic pieces of furniture in the castle. After spending the night tucked in the softest linen they will ever come across with, breakfast is served in Ksenija’s salon. Lace, silverware and crystal, for a truly good morning!

Thousands of stories, trapped between the castle walls …

on the slopes of the Dvorjanski hill, every individual can become;

One pair of the latest guests, Mrs. Urška and Mr. Marko, wrote an impression of being The Lord of the Castle for One Night:

“Strmol Castle is not a hotel. Strmol Castle is an experience to remember forever. And you want it back. Again and again. My wife and I stayed in hundreds of small charming historic hotels, but only Strmol Castle is unique and unrepeatable. It takes you back, to the time of the last owners, Rado and Ksenija Hribar and you just forget the present … At the time, when architects were changing historic buildings beyond recognition, the Strmol Castle remained the same. Unteachable. A castle that has a soul. And as if this was not enough, there are Jerca, Irena, Branka, Andrei, Damir and Blaž. Without them, we would be lost in the past. They had read every wish of ours from our eyes. Their smiles, their kindness and their professional, but still human perfection, made us feel like we were living in a time that is long gone. Oh, what a great e experience is to be the lord of the castle for one night!”