LUV Fest in Ljubljana: Illuminating February and March with love, art and culture

In 2024 and 2025, Slovenian art and culture will be highlighted as the main communication theme. Within this vibrant cultural landscape, noteworthy events and festivals take centre stage. This time, we shine a spotlight on one of the capital city’s key festivals – LUV Fest.

LUV Fest is a splendid combination of love, art and rambling. It takes place between February 8, a national holiday celebrating the life of France Prešeren, Slovenia’s greatest poet, tand finishes on March 12, when by tradition birds start their courtship.

According to Ljubljana Tourism, the LUV Fest is a jubilation of our love for culture, heritage and the Slovenian language. The city becomes a canvas for a number of cultural events, accompanied by an intriguing programme, all woven together under the enchanting theme of love. This all-encompassing festival caters to all generations and genres, transforming Ljubljana into a space for discovery, connection, and coexistence with diverse cultures.

Through LUV Fest, Ljubljana Tourism strategically endeavors to mitigate seasonality, adding vibrancy to the winter months, traditionally quieter period. Much like the November Gourmet culinary festival, which animated autumn in the city, LUV Fest aims to enliven the winter landscape. The festival aspires not only to position Ljubljana as a compelling destination in February and March but also to infuse a lively atmosphere that resonates with both residents and visitors alike.

In February, another festival takes place – the Ljubljana Festival, also known as the Winter Festival. Together, these events embody the cultural richness and diversity that define the Slovenian capital during these enchanting winter months.

Ljubljana Tourism,