Magical Incentive Experience at the Bled Castle

At the end of the last year, the Kaspersky Lab team came from far and wide to experience an unforgettable incentive in Slovenia. The team experienced Slovenian food, wine and hospitality, went sightseeing and had the chance to relax and unwind. And for their last day, they were introduced to one of the Slovenian wonders – the  Bled castle.

A Unique iDMC Experience

The last day, the Kaspersky Lab team embarked on an amazing journey to the one and only Bled Castle. When they arrived to the castle, the scenery was waiting in all its glory. The 1000-year-old stone building was ready for its visitors. The Bled Castle is a truly amazing sight of old architecture, a building that stood the test of time. It gives a look into the old style of life, traditions and all the history Bled and Slovenia has to offer.

The castle offered many mediaeval experiences to the Kaspersky Lab Team. First, the old Gutenberg press is an old machine used to print book and important documents. Back in the day this machine was extremely impressive, it’s the machine that started it all. And for their guests who work with high technologies it was a reminder of all the progress we have made in this manner.

Let’s not keep the travelers from the foreign land hungry or thirsty. The next stop is the castle wine cellar. With all they types of wine – wine making has not changed much since it was first discovered. Wine was drank every evening behind the castle walls. Well, it still is.

Next, the Kaspersky Lab bear witnessed an exciting sword fight between the two mortal enemies, only one will walk away. In the night, the sword fight becomes an even bigger attraction – with the sparks flying and the swords singing. Something unforgettable. Especially if you get the honor of holding a sword and try to make it sing for you.

And the last stop – the tea making room. The place where herbs and aromas fill the room. Where you can sit down and relax, let the hot and healthy beverage worm you up – the Slovenian winter can be brutal.

The castle has many special blends to offer, the  iDMC made sure their guests experienced all of them. As the day went to an end they all said goodbye to the Alpine old stone friend. With all the memories and impressions, the Kaspersky Lab Team will cherish and remember for a long time. And the castle? Well it will stand proud and tall for the next 1000 years, waiting for the next big adventure.