Maribor – Insider’s guide to incentive destination

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Accessibility and accommodation

Maribor, Slovenia’s second largest city, lies on the crossroads from West to East and Southern Europe, and is just 11 km from the Austrian border. There are many airports in the vicinity of Maribor, the nearest one being Graz Airport in Austria (60km), followed by Zagreb Airport in Croatia (130km) and Ljubljana’s Jože Pučnik Airport (150km). Maribor also has its own airport, Edvard Rusjan Airport, with a lesser frequency of international flights.

With good traffic infrastructure the city can easily be reached by car, train or bus. The Maribor motorway network exits lead towards Austria, Hungary, Ljubljana and Zagreb; the railway junction towards Graz, Klagenfurt, Ljubljana and Hungary.

Maribor offers a good range of accommodation facilities (especially 4-star and 3-star hotels) and excellent spa retreats. Guests visiting the city can also decide to stay in one of the many apartments and hostels, while those exploring Maribor’s surroundings can enjoy nature and decide to keep it local by staying at tourist farms and guesthouses.

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Gastronomy scene, dinning and food

The Maribor region and its surroundings are renowned for good food and excellent local wine. Tourist farms and wine shops on the three wine roads are prime places to visit during a stay or trip to Maribor and at the same time a pleasant way to end a tiring day. There you can sit and relax with a glass or two of an excellent vintage wine. Likewise in the city and its superb restaurants, inns and pubs, where you will be treated to culinary delights.

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Evening entertainment may begin by a ride up to a height of 1050m. On arrival at the hilltop you will be greeted by accordion musicians. The tones of the accordion and torches will help guide your way to the cottage in the pleasant atmosphere of which you will continue to discover homemade beverages and tasty food.

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On this exclusive adventure the secret agent 007 is sent on a rescue mission. The untouched nature of Pohorje is a tough terrain and many challenges await the teams. Agent Bond is equipped with modern technical gadgets to fight both time and enemies. Expect strong experiences and emotions with this team bonding and building exercise.

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Adventure park Betnava, located in the most beautiful forest in Maribor, brings new and genuine adventure. 55 different elements, 6 different routes, different grades of difficulty, 638m of climbing routes through trees, bars and gangways, 2 cable runs of 50m and 100m length and 20 different directions to take. Test your skills and team up for different adrenaline challenges.

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For an entertaining and relaxed atmosphere let a rafter and a rafter’s girl look after you during your trip and to keep the spirits high there will be national music played by the Rafter’s Trio. You will get to taste the traditional rafter’s culinary delights and also see a real rafter’s christening of one of the passengers. After the raft docks there is the chance to enjoy a walk along the river Drava embankment of Maribor’s famous Lent, all the way to the Old Vine.

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Inspire your senses with some quality time spent in the countryside. From cycling to horseback riding, archery, helping with farm chores, wine tasting, baking bread… any option offers a real rejuvenation and motivation for your team.

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The Habakuk Congress Centre offers 1,600sq.m of space. It boasts six different halls, seating 830 people in total. It also features two foyers providing the perfect setting for banquets, receptions, special events and exhibitions.

At an impressive location, where the alpine air eases the mind and away from the city bustle yet within easy reach of the Maribor city, the Hotel Bellevue offers different size meeting facilities. A large summer terrace adds to the number of options one has to organise an event at Bellevue.

Maribor Regional Museum located at Maribor castle can be rented for various cultural, protocol and other events. A beautiful Knight’s Hall with Rococo staircase can fit up to 100 people, while the Arcades or Castle’s courtyard have space for a standing reception of 150 guests or can easily seat 100 guests.

Narodni dom Maribor is the home of numerous cultural events and shows. Its beautiful halls are perfect for different events and congresses requiring style and sophistication. The largest hall seats 333 people, and by adding the balcony to the venue you gain another 50 seats. The two foyers are great for receptions and exhibitions.

The restaurant “Pri treh ribnikih”, with a 300-year old tradition and a beautiful wine cellar, is situated in the magnificent surrounding of the town’s park. Great for different outdoor events in natural surroundings or for indoor events that can be complemented with a wine tasting at their rustic wine cellar. Guests can enjoy dishes based on traditional Slovenian and regional recipes that are prepared and served with a modern twist.

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The Maribor Wine Road will take you to wine shops in the centre of Maribor, where you will have the chance to learn all about premium quality Styrian wines and their makers, as well as relish the excellent local cuisine. This wine path ends by the city jewel – the most important city sight, Old Vine, the “Oldest Vine in the World”, which is also heralded in the Guiness book of records.

Find out why Maribor wore the ‘European Capital of Culture 2012’ title. While walking through Lent you can see most of the attractions: the mighty buildings and wonderful frontages, monuments and fountains that adorn the city’s squares, bridges that link the banks of the river Drava, towers that rise into Maribor’s sky – creations all of which have given the city a unique seal. Take the chance to visit them!

You can row, sail or surf on the Drava River and the reservoir but you certainly cannot miss one of the most famous tourist activities – rafting on the Drava River with traditional rafts. You can also take a ride with the Dravska Vila Boat.

Maribor is home of many international festivals – music, theatre, wine, gastronomy and more – all of which ensures that the pulse of the city never drops and offers a unique and unforgettable experience of the city and its surrounding areas. The main festivals take place from July to October and include Lent, Wine festival, Arsana Festival, Maribor Theatre Festival and many others.

A number of wellness centres in Maribor and its surroundings allow you to take a rest from the fast pace of everyday life. In the unspoiled nature between Pohorje and the wine-growing hills you can recharge your batteries and prepare for new challenges with the help of highly qualified staff. Wellness centres like Terme Maribor are just a stone’s throw away from the city.

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In close vicinity of hotel Arena, Sports Centre Pohorje offers a unique experience – Golf on Snow, an amusing experience accompanied by mulled wine, grog, red bull and fondue.[/vc_message]
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