Festive Season in Slovenia is so Magical

Photo credit: www.visitmaribor.si, Dejan Bulut
Photo credit: www.visitmaribor.si, Dejan Bulut

Feel the warmth of the December fairy-tale in the festively decorated towns of Slovenia.

During the advent season, Slovenian cities and towns turn into fairy-tale wonderlands. The towns’ hotspots are the decorated town centres, where you can take a stroll among the festive market stalls on lit-up streets and squares. They all have in common lively cultural events, musical entertainment, outdoor concerts, excellent traditional food and drinks, and a diverse selection of Christmas gifts.


During the advent season, Ljubljana always has a vibrant atmosphere, with a Christmas market and countless free events held in the festively decorated historical city centre. Do not miss one of the most imaginative Christmas lights displays in this part of Europe.

Ljubljana’s Christmas market, accompanied by food and drink stalls, becomes the centre of the city’s social life in December, while its nearby squares host a vast programme of free music concerts and other events for adults and children. The festivities culminate on the New Year’s Eve, with celebrations in Ljubljana’s main squares.

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Maribor, the second largest Slovenian city, will be offering numerous December festivities that will enrich the city’s experience towards the end of 2019. The first festivities started on the 22nd of November spanning from switching on the decorative lights to several fairs and numerous open-air concerts and parties, including the New Year’s Eve celebration taking place at the largest square in Slovenia.

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This December, Ptuj has opened its doors to aunt Zima and grandpa Mraz, who will in the company of magical creatures, bring us an abundance of snowflakes.  Along with dwarves, their job is to make the most beautiful time of the year a memorable experience.

This years’ magical December will serve us delicacies, fragrant drinks and small surprises in the Old Town of Ptuj. The sessional fair, which will be held from 13 – 15 December, will offer you a stroll through the promenade and let you surprise your loved ones with unique gifts. Santa will be in Ptuj from December 16 to December 30, so stop in his house and make a wish!

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Experience the magic of Slovenia and the festive season in your own way, be it in charming old town centres or the snowy countryside.