Maribor: Jazz, CityBeach, SUP and Yoga for All

At the beginning of June 2018, for the whole weekend, a special CityBeach was opened in Styrian capital. The CityBeach, set on the Drava embankment’s terrace MariBox, offered a true beach vibe to lovers of urban culture, to local dancers in the sun, and to those who enjoy spending their time in open-air space. The CityBeach had a beach platform, a swimming pool, sports playground, cocktail bar, street food, and a stage set by the river for concerts and DJs.

On Friday, 8th of June, the Drava Festival hosted the jazz festival called Jazz ‘ma mlade (Jazz has kids) from 9 am until midnight. This international festival of young jazz, art, culinary and wine brought top-notch concerts of foreign and local young jazz ensembles and a rich accompanying programme.

On the same day, a so called SUP Musical Tour was held on Drava river between 5.30pm and 7.30pm. The excursion on SUPs allows for a special view from the river onto the landscape of the city with its most beautiful parts. This year’s SUP tour was particularly special because the SUPs flew along a river raft with live music concert. Additional fun came with the XL SUP that can hold up to 8 people.

Lent to people / Drava my beach, with its all-day-long offer an Urban Landscape in which the traffic surfaces were used as a space for socialising, creativity, and sport activities. Also a fishing competition and a Run for Maribor’s Library were held between with two runways on the Drava embankment – one 5km and another 10km in length.

On Saturday’s evening, from 6pm until 8pm, Oriental Dance On Drava was organised on the stage of Hiša Zahir, located on the terrace above the Drava river. While from 8pm on, a Dance Under the Stars welcomed everyone who want to dance and have fun on a DJ night.

On Sunday, 10th of June, at 4pm a Yoga in nature was offered on a lawn under Hiša Zahir to everyone.

These are just some of the events that happened this June in the City of Maribor, a rising MICE destination that can with its all-summer-long festivals offer an inspiring and entertaining side programme for congress guests when staying in Slovenia.

Kongres Magazine