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Ljubljana, ©Ljubljana Tourism, Mostphotos
Ljubljana, ©Ljubljana Tourism, Mostphotos

Slovenia has numerous different faces, you can meet us in the cities, in the Alps, by the sea and in Karst, or in the spas. We’re a young country, and new to MICE, so most attendees haven’t been here before. This makes Slovenia appealing for today’s delegates who crave something new, different, off-the-beaten track. Slovenian Convention Bureau has over 60 active members from all over Slovenia including hotels, small and large venues, restaurants and the full spectrum of agencies – DMCs, PCOs, team building, experiential, etc.

It is not a coincidence that the name of the Slovenian capital city Ljubljana sounds like »the beloved one« in Slovenian. Ljubljana – the European Green Capital 2016 – is so adorable and green that makes you fall in love instantly. We are proud to have a largely traffic-free city, with a stunning medieval castle overlooking both sides of the river. Right there, the Greek hero Jason apparently defeated Ljubljana‘s dragon. Ljubljana has two congress centres and a number of convention hotels, mostly in the city centre. The Old Town, sights of interest and special event venues are to a large extent within walking distance.

“Ljubljana is an elegant old lady with a youthful heart.” Tatjana Radovič, Visit Ljubljana / Convention Bureau

Maribor – the European Capital of Culture 2012 – has lively atmosphere and is a host of various events, too. Thus the city with its conference capacities is ever more renowned as a perfect host for various events, and the friendly town core and its hinterland is an additional charm, which offers abundant possibilities for relaxation. Alluring trips to the wine roads and cellars are promised, relaxation in Wellness centres, testing yourself in the Adrenaline Park, and experiencing the joys of Pohorje’s ski slopes, rafting and more.

Slovenian cities offer a variety of event locations, creative event and catering solutions with special attention to details. Our cities are rich in culture and variety, topped by professionalism and a youthful vibe. Here, we promise you’ll feel 25!

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Photo: Ljubljana, ©Ljubljana Tourism, Mostphotos

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