The Modern Car – Antique Environment

The Ford Company chose a special location to showcase their new car model Ford Edge, which was shown to the Slovenian public in an idyllic scenery of the Strmol Castle in Carniola region, Slovenia

At Ford they were inspired by the many possibilities the Strmol Castle offers due to its location on a hill. Castle is surrounded with spacious park, which served as unique background for promotional photography of the product and also as a range for road-tests. In this all-day event, Ford’s potential buyers and journalists were served by members of well-tuned team of waiters and chefs from the Brdo Estate. One of the sites for banquet was also the Strmol Cafè, which opened its doors last spring.

The Strmol Castle reigns over a romantic little lake on the outskirts of the Mansion Hill (Dvorjanski hrib) near the town of Cerklje in Gorenjska, not far from Ljubljana’s international airport. Renowned for its beautiful park, it ranks among the oldest and best preserved castles in Slovenia. In 2014, it joined the prestigious selection of castle hotels and mansions Schlosshotels und Herrenhäuser. In 2004 the castle was proclaimed a cultural monument of national importance, and between 2010-2012 it was restored to its current illustrious shape ideal for the organization of boutique events.

The castle operates under the patronage of JGZ Brdo, the institution in charge of Slovenian protocol services. Castle combines memories of the past, elegance and a touch of modern times. It is one of only two castles in Slovenia that still has original equipment. In the castle halls, where various events and banquets can be organized, you can find furniture and art works that were brought to the castle by last private owners, Rado and Ksenija Hribar with their sophisticated, cosmopolitan taste. Due to its exceptional value, the Strmol Castle is protected as cultural monument.

Castle was completely renovated between years 2010 and 2012. In one of old castle facilities, small congress centre was settled. The centre offers three halls, the biggest one can accommodate up to 50 people.

Strmol Castle is therefore a location, where the past and the present walk hand in hand. With its uniqueness it offers many possibilities for organizing various events.

Photo: Ford Company