NEW: Blue Green Routes of Piran

The Portorož – Piran Tourism Board has launched a new tourist product; five different 2- to 4-hour guided tours entitled Blue Green Routes, unveiling the Mediterranean natural environment and cultural landscape of the Piran Peninsula from different perspectives.

Experience Piran differently. The infinity of smells, sounds and green shades of the gardens, fields, olive groves, mighty cliffs.

The Blue Green Routes of Piran are centuries-old, silent witnesses of the lives of the local residents and their connection with the surrounding nature. There are five guided tours, four on land and one on the sea.

The Kapra route runs along the city embankment and ends at the belfry of St. George, where caper bushes grow. You will admire the characteristics of Piran’s seaside landscape and the hidden, green friends of the city, the Mediterranean plants, which are the green crown of the city’s image. Under the trees, you will taste seasonal, local snacks, learn about the vegetation, from the 130-year-old book La Flora di Pirano, even richer and more beautiful Piran.

The Štorta route will take you among the gardens, fields and olive groves of Mogorona, where the townspeople of Piran farm. You will learn about garden plants and the importance of gardens for Piran throughout the centuries. Gardens are not only an inseparable part of the landscape of Piran, they are even more important to the locals of Piran, who have cultivated them throughout the history. You will learn what ensured the city’s self-sufficiency already in the Middle Ages and the typology of Piran gardens. Along with the view, you will also taste the seasonal fruits of this area.

Brnistra is the name of the path that smells of its yellow flowers in the month of May. On this route, you will get to know the characteristic of the Slovenian coastal landscape of cliff walls and valleys. You will visit Piran Cliff and two freshwater lakes in Fiesa, learn about the importance of fresh water, hidden springs and ravines, the typical fertile valley connected to them, and see the remains of a beautiful several-metre retaining wall made of sandstone. There, you will be refreshed with a delicious snack typical for Piran.

And escape from the city to authentic nature? This is what the Hrast route offers you, which leads from Tartini square through the forest above the cliff wall, then returns to the city along the rocks at the edge of the sea. You will get to know the trees of the man-planted forest above Fiesa and the forest that spreads spontaneously above the cliff face. During the walk, you will get to know the natural sculptures of the cliff and the nuances of the local stone. You will return back to Piran along the sea line and admire its silhouette from the direction of Strunjan.

Polžek is a guided dive that will offer you a unique underwater experience of Cape Madona, an underwater natural monument of national importance. Discover intriguing underwater habitats and the deepest point of the Northern Adriatic. You can arrange a group or individual dive, accompanied by experienced divers.

The contents of all five routes present Piran from a green-blue point of view. They highlight the natural and cultural heritage of the land and the sea of the picturesque Piran landscape.

Tourist Board Portorož / STB