New direct trains from Ljubljana to Milan and Budapest

New timetable will bring new direct train connections from Ljubljana to Milan and Budapest.

Slovenian Railways has established direct train connections between Ljubljana and Milan and Budapest. The new railway connections for passenger transport will open with a new timetable in December 2021. Lombardy will be connected to Ljubljana by the high-speed FrecciaRossa train, which can run up to 300 kilometers per hour.

The ride between Ljubljana and Milan and between Ljubljana and Budapest will take about 8 hours one way, the connections will be daily. The TreniItalia – FrecciaRossa train will run to Italy, which can run up to 300 kilometers per hour, but due to infrastructural limitations, such a speed is not possible on the Slovenian Railways network. A train with classic air-conditioned wagons owned by Hungarian State Railways will run to the Hungarian capital on the Ljubljana-Graz-Budapest route.

Between 2004 and 2008, Italy and Slovenia already had a direct railway connection – an Eurocity train ran daily between the Santa Lucia railway station in Venice and Ljubljana. As stated by TreniItali a few months ago, they connected Italy and Spain and France with their high-speed trains, and recently they also ran on the railway line from the Venetian railway station Mestre to the Municipalities near Trieste and back (near Slovenian-Italian border).

Train connections from Slovenia

Slovenia has direct train connections with the Austrian cities of Vienna, Villach, Graz, Innsbruck and Salzburg. Trains run from Ljubljana to Croatia several times a day to Zagreb, Rijeka and Pula, while two pairs of trains run daily to Germany – one with a final stop in Munich and the other in Frankfurt (via Ulm and Stuttgart). Ljubljana and Belgrade are connected by a direct train connection every day, as well as Ljubljana and Zuerich.

Slovenian Railways, Delo