New Director of the Bled Tourism Preparing Ambitious Plans for Bled

Winter morning_Bled
Winter morning_Bled

Tomaž Rogelj took over the new position on 1st of January, 2018. One of his first tasks is to prepare a new tourism strategy for Bled, which will include routing of the flow of a large number of tourists and guests.

At the press conference in December, Tomaž Rogelj pointed out that Bled has been the flagship of the Slovenian tourism what also means responsibility.

»It is a good time for tourism and during my mandate we will try to keep all the good things Bled already has. However, we will be carefully adding content that we want to see in Bled. The content will be agreed in the new strategy for the next 8 years. The strategy’s draft will be put to public  discussion in January.«

The important part of the new strategy will be the management of the flows of tourists.

»Considering the high numbers in visits and considering the previous good tourist seasons, the management of the flows of tourists and guests will be one of the priorities.«

For this year, Bled is is preparing to build a northern and southern relief roads, finalising the lake’s promenade and arrangement of additional parking spots, including a garage. In order to spread the flows of tourists around the whole location, Bled will prepare a bigger informational support and a number of city officers.

Tomaž Rogelj, the new director of Tourism Bled, also emphasized that Bled has already been a supreme location, »The natural surrounding is exceptional. Together with the tradition and history it is giving an element of supreme«. However, for the new director it is also important that the excellency will not become elitism, but that Bled will stay open for everyone. One of the fields in which Rogelj has worked so far, has been congress industry. And this field will be the one that, as he noted, he will give lots of attention to.

Slovenian Tourist Board, photo: F. Ferjan, STB